Chocolate Snow Balls

Recipe from Danka

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Preparation time min.



30 pieces

30 dkg SweetFamily crystal sugar
1packets vanilla sugar
4 egg whites
1 packet wafers
150 g dark chocolate
100 g Cera (vegetable fat)
1 tsp. oil


Prepare a water bath over which in a larger pot beat the egg whites, crystal sugar and vanilla sugar until stiff. Whipped egg whites are well done when they do not stick to the bottom of the bowl and separate easily. Pour still warm beaten egg whites into a larger bowl with wafers broken into smaller pieces. Mix everything together using cooking spoons. Prepare a bowl with cold water, soak your hands in the water so that the mixture does not stick to your hands and form balls. Be careful and do not squeeze the mixture in your palms! Form it gently so that the balls do not crumble. Soak your hands in the bowl of water before forming each ball. For the frosting melt chocolate with Cera and oil over a water bath. Dip each ball in a lukewarm chocolate frosting and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Let them stand until chocolate is set and serve.