Apple-cinnamon muffins

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Preparation time 50 min.

Difficulty Medium Medium Medium


125 g butter
125 g SweetFamily brown sugar
1 packet vanilla sugar
1 pinch salt
250 g flour
½ packet baking powder
3 acid-tasting apples (Boskoop)
2 eggs
50 ml buttermilk
1 tsps. cinnamon


Melt the butter, grease the muffin tray with it and let the remaining butter cool. Mix sugar, salt, flour, baking powder and 1 tsp cinnamon. Peel and core apples and cut them into small pieces. Add them to the flour mixture. Mix in eggs and add melted butter and buttermilk. Mix the flour mixture with a spoon until it combines. Fill the muffin molds and bake them until golden in a preheated oven for 30–35 minutes at 200 °C. Sprinkle them with the cinnamon.